Did you know…? by PO (peace out or party organizer)

Did you know that when you register your child at birth they become a slave to the state?

Have you ever noticed that a birth certificate looks just like a money bond? No coincidence there because that’s exactly what it is.
It says openly on the birth certificate that the document is not to be used for identification purposes as it is copyright of the Crown. If the BC was to be used for ID then why can anybody obtain a copy of ‘your’ BC with only very basic information. It is not a birth certificate it is a death certificate
Any ID that you obtain using the birth certificate, immediately makes you a fraud and a criminal. You have to use your BC to obtain a driving license, passport etc as they want to entrap you deliberately.
The BC hands you over as a slave to the Crown or State and a monetary value is then attached to it as a debt. You are literal human money machine and that’s why you work your whole life to pay back the debt. Even if you are self employed you are owned by the Crown. Have you ever wondered why the government treats you like a common slave, that’s because you are.
This is a worldwide phenomenon and every parent has done this un-wittingly to their child, as why wouldn’t you trust your own government!
Every time you give your name over to police etc you are claiming to be something you are not. The name is a fiction and unless you claim to be that name which doesn’t belong to you there is nothing that the state can do as they have no power over the real you. What you need to do is what I and many others have done, and that is to tell them that you now know the fraud and that you re-claim your true self. You can keep the same name if you want but you just need to break the bonds, in principle.
Go to the web site below and complete the document ‘I who shall not be named’. Send it to the Registry Offices and the job is done. Never give your name to anyone in authority and never show ID, this is fraudulently obtained and that’s why they can process you through the legal system. Without the claim to be the name you are a free entity.
I would suggest getting a copy of your BC and writing ‘Proof of Fraud’ on the top and if anyone ever asks your for ID just say ‘here is my birth certificate and do you want to aid and abet me into committing fraud?’

PO (peace out or party organizer)


5 thoughts on “Did you know…? by PO (peace out or party organizer)

    • Of course, Dunstan. That’s why the being acting in the role of Attoney General of British Columbia in Canada (nor the minions associated with said being) COULD NOT and DID NOT debunk or argue with the TRUTH as laid out in the I WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED document. Of course, the great legal mind, referring to itself as dunstan@stockwater knows better! Best wishes, Ninja.

  1. barneystrife says:

    I was looking for the site you mentioned in the text above to fill out the forms but i see nothing. Please advise

  2. Hello yes, please go to Kate’s writings page for all her documents,http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/kates-writings/ and I believe you are specifically referring to this document, http://kateofgaia.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/i-who-shall-not-be-named_worddoc.pdf and there is also has a ‘blank template’ version available on that Kate’s writings page. It is recommended by Kate of Gaia that one should include ones Birth Certificate and a copy of the pope’s Apostolic Letter (link to this is also available on Kate’s writings page) along with ‘I who shall not be named’ document. Best wishes, Ninja

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