The Long And The Short Of It

The Long And The Short Of It, an essay by Kate of Gaia

“…We have all been deceived where so few, now becoming the many, are awakened from this long lasting sleep having eaten so hungrily of the apple the witch of Babylon has offered…

…My search was one of a very simple nature in that I had to find the one thing that every human on earth had in common, would take them from cradle to grave in that commonality and, something they would defend to the death for assuring a permanent state of fraud on their part, and no one else’s. The biggest clue was found at the end of their lives and it can be found on the tombstones of the many that never lived in the eyes of the system. It perfectly matched the only document ever offered freely by any church, state or government.
The design of the trap was so perfect in its efficacy, it made us make slaves of ourselves and any attempt to fight for freedom would always result in our own fraud, our own contempt of court and inevitably, our belligerence and circular vengeance. The slavery had to be freely given on our parts and in our ignorance. It had to be something that fed the ego of the belligerents and the coffers of the clergy and all the while, they retained their full honour in universal law standing…

…A slave understands freedom where one who thinks they are free is the most trapped of all….”   – Read the full essay, the-long-and-short-of-it.


3 thoughts on “The Long And The Short Of It

  1. barneystrife says:

    Kate, is there an email address that you have to allow me to send questions and corespondence? I’d prefer not to post publicly, i promise not to take much of your time. I have questions associated with this and thought I’d like to stay private about it

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